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"Acquire the things you love, that are authentic to you,

and your house becomes your story". 


Whether you're staying put or moving on to a new space, we'll work with you to envision and develop a complete design plan which reflects your own personal style. Using what you have, and a combination of sourced furniture, finishes and accessories, we hone in on your lifestyle needs while considering the flow of rooms as a series of connected spaces.  Trade discounts are always passed along to our clients for the best pricing on items sourced for your home. We integrate a personalized design plan with imaginative vision in every space we design; our goal is to create functional harmonious homes that work. 



1-2 hours at your home. This amount is applied towards a contracted Redesign Project. 



We submit a written proposal that includes our scope of work, fees, terms & conditions. We plan elements of your space considering such things as:

  • Room Design & Layout

  • Color Story 

  • Fixture, Furniture and Accessories

  • Fabric for Upholstery

  • Art

  • Design Boards available for visualization to make your new selections easy if applicable.

Redesign Proposal follows Redesign Consultation. . .

Hourly in the Home $100 | Hourly Sourcing/Shopping $75 


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