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The investment in Staging is always less than your first price reduction. Barb Schwarz


We meet at your home. We discuss your needs in terms of getting your home “market-ready” for Top Dollar Return. Whether you are planning to use a Realtor or selling on your own, we can make an enormous impact on the way your home is presented to the buying public. Using a trained design eye & years of expertise, we can skillfully assess all the areas which need revamping, restyling, and repair for a profitable home sale.


After the Consultation, you will have all the tools you need to get your home ready for market; you keep our comprehensive PreStage Review of detailed recommendations.           


We're confident you will be amazed at how quickly we can see what needs to be changed to increase your home’s resale value and catch a buyer's eye.  The result? Better online listing photos, which lead to more home visits and offers made in the shortest period of time. 

The Investment


Consultations typically take between 1 ½ and 2 hours.  A detailed PreStage Report will be provided at the end of the consultation.

As we do a walk around your property’s exterior and interior,
we’ll be evaluating ...

  • Quick curb appeal improvements

  • Editing down accessories and furniture 

  • Rethinking furniture placement

  • Pre-Listing packing recommendations

  • Art and accessory enhancements

  • Window treatments and lighting

  • Color improvements

  • Small repairs/renovations if needed


For Sellers and Investors


Surprisingly, only 10% of buyers have the capacity to see beyond an empty space, so the need to stage a vacant home is even more critical than for a furnished one.  Vacant homes often sit on the market longer, without a frame of reference for room purpose, furniture & accessories. They also may leave potential buyers with the impression that the sellers are desperate to sell, resulting in an offer way below the asking price.  Most buyers need to see how rooms are purposed, and experience how rooms make them feel. 


We curate on-trend Home Furnishings and Accessories that transform your vacant space into an inviting and desirable potential home.  It’s all about ‘Feeling Home” when a potential buyer walks through the door.



Estimates are available by phone. Square footage and the number of rooms to be staged factors into the estimated cost.  If the numbers work for you, we will schedule a Planning Session at your site.



We meet with the seller and RE agent, review the home and refine the budget.  A $200 Planning Fee deposit is required, which will be applied to the Staging Cost if contracted.



We meet with the furniture rental company that best suits the project.  We select furnishings that will showcase the home in the best possible light, while considering your budget.



We meet the movers, direct furniture placement, and stage each room according to the design plan.  It’s just not enough to use the furniture alone. . . . in selecting carefully curated Accessories & Art, we’ll transform the space with intention and style.  Finally we photograph each room providing you with gorgeous listing photos. 



When the home is sold and escrow is almost complete, we meet with the movers and de-stage the home. 



Showcasing your home’s first impression & flow while emphasizing it’s positive features is key to making a buyer feel good about moving in. We are experts at doing that. With artful use of what you already have in your home, we repurpose, rearrange and add accessory elements which will showcase and stage your home in a fresh new way.  We focus on the look that will increase the marketing value of your home, so potential buyers will fall in love with it.


Keep in mind that we know you love your home and the things in it that you have acquired. Sensitive to that, we look at your home objectively and with a Buyers Eye, so we can create the optimum desirability for your potential purchaser. . .We want to make sure buyers develop an emotional attachment to your home in order to make their offers, by understanding buyer demographics.  Using a combination of detail, balance, flow, scale and warmth we will only suggest those changes that will have a maximum return on investment and are essential to the sale of your home in the current market.

Half Day Staging


This option is best suited for homes that are up to 2000 sq feet. We will spend up to 4 hours in the home, and provide you with beautiful digital images for your home’s listing.

Full Day Staging


This option is best suited for homes over 2000 sq feet.  A full day of staging consists of up to 7 hours in the home. We will provide beautiful digital images for your home’s listing.


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