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WE MAKE BEAUTIFUL CONNECTIONS between you and your home.  Pairing backgrounds in Fine Art and Graphic Design with an obsession for creating inviting interior spaces, Alicia and Jillanne have been collaborating on projects for years.  Together their combined design experience offers a fresh perspective on how your home can reflect who you are and how you live.    

Alicia Chimento Design

Always inspired by her clients and their lifestyle, Alicia allows the home and the homeowner to direct the project in terms of personality, comfort and mood. Her passion for finding artisan pieces, accessories, fabric and colors which reflect the people who live there, translates into thoughtful and intentional room transitions throughout the home. Many of the techniques which have informed her life as a painter are also part of her process when she designs an interior space. . .  inspiration boards, color, visual observation and spacial relationships. Both intuitive and practiced, her approach draws on the imagination as well, to create fresh, inviting and renewed home spaces and surroundings.  Alicia’s Fine Art and Parsons Design background provides her with an eye for creating harmonious and graceful spaces in any room. Alicia is a Visual Artist, Redesigner and a born "Fixer". She tries to live each moment with love, grace and gratitude.

Jillanne is a freelance Graphic Designer, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Monmouth University.  Her enthusiasm for the "hunt" for home treasures began as a small child, scouting flea markets and estate sales with her mom. Those childhood adventures grew into an passion for how furniture and accessories are paired to create beautiful spaces.  After years of working in New York City as a CAD designer for a large fashion brand, she decided to leave the corporate world and follow other creative paths. She pursued her love for stationary and invitation design, and is now recognized as an award winning Minted® Designer. Jillanne's flair for transforming interior spaces make this collaboration a natural progression.

Alicia Chimento Design


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